Curved sectioning rail 24° R1 194.6 mm Minitrix 14984 - N 1/160 - code80

Rail courbe de sectionnement


Fabricant : MINITRIX

Curved sectioning pathwayMinitrix at N: 1/160 scale with a radius R1 of 194.6 mm and an angle of 24° under reference 14984.

Profiled in code 80.

Black crossbars.

With splints installed.

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MINITRIX Produit de la marque MINITRIX pour le modélisme ferroviaire et la création de diorama. Train, locomotive, wagon, voiture voyageur, rail et aiguillage échelle N de la marque MINITRIX.

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Minitrix offers a Scale N: 1/160 curved sectioning rail under the 14984 brand with a angle of 24° and a R1 radius of 194.6 mm.

The N: 1/160 scale track from Minitrix offers a broad range of straight track as well as curved track, switches and crossovers to provide the maximum possibility for building a model train layout using a minimum amount of space.

The track sections are made from a stainless metal alloy ensuring reliable contact between the wheel and rails.

The width of a Minitrix track with sleepers is16 mm, and the height of the profile is 2.1 mm in code 80.

The Minitrix brand offers various components that allow you to manage the power supply to your miniature layout:

- The 1-pole connection terminal, part number 66519.

- One curved power rail R1 194.6 mm, 30°, part number 14972.

- One contact rail 50 mm, with dual contact system, part number 14979.

- One contact rail with magnetic switch, 50 mm, part number 14980.

- A straight rail with interference suppression device, 104.2 mm, part number 14990.

- One straight sectioning rail, 50 mm, part number 14982.

- One curved sectioning rail R1 194.6 mm, 24°, part number 14984.

- One sectioning curve rail R2 228.2 mm, 24°, part number 14986.

For each radius that follow each other, the curves are spaced 33.6 mm apart.

Easy to install, Minitrix rails comewith pre-installed splice bars that allow two rails to be joined.

For fastening, the Minitrix brand offers metal clips (optional) under part number 66528.

For permanent installation, there are screws as well as fastening nails in the Minitrix brand under part numbers 66548 / 66537.

The metal and plastic rails sold separately are under part numbers 66525 / 66539.

The Minitrix brand offers a gauge for its tracks under part number 66600 in order to make an accurate grid plan.

Angle ( degrees ) 24°
Track code 80
Scale N : 1/160


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