The aim of any model maker is to create a miniature rail network that is as lifelike as possible. This involves adding trees, vegetation and people. The latter give a soul to a diorama and enhance the realism of a rail operating game. Specialising in electric trains, Jura modélisme offers railway enthusiasts a wide choice of figurines with a living appearance. Seated passengers, miniature animals, bust to position in a vehicle, explore our collection of collectible figurines. There's a good chance you'll find the character or collector figurine you're looking for!
Our catalogue is classified by miniature universe. Click on each theme to discover our accessory sets from great brands like Preiser, SAI, Noch or Busch. These manufacturers are renowned for the quality of their hand-painted miniatures, and we also offer paintable scale models for collectors who want to take their customisation a step further.
The information sheets indicate the scale of each product. Check that the reduction coefficient of the scale model corresponds to that of yourdiorama, so that the size of the figure is proportionate to that of your rolling stock (locomotive, passenger carriages, etc.), your miniature cars and your models.

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Choosing the right miniature

Which brand of miniature figures should you choose?

All the references in our catalogue are made by leading brands of model railroading. With their natural attitude and perfect respect for proportions, these figures will blend in perfectly with the decor of your model railway layout. Whether you choose seated people or passengers running with suitcases in hand, these accessories will enhance your storytelling. The German brand Preiser is a benchmark in the miniature character sector. It publishes an extremely broad catalogue of beautiful figures at a contained price. On the other hand, the Artitec brand offers a much smaller range at a higher price and with a higher level of finish. In either case, you can place these accessories in the most visible areas of your diorama.


How are miniature figures made?

In general, miniature figures are made of plastic or resin. They are moulded at high pressure by injecting material. This moulding process producesextremely detailed reproductions, particularly of the face. The top-of-the-range miniature figures are hand-painted, respecting the principle of colour matching. Despite the reduction scale, the level of finish makes it possible to distinguish facial expressions and very fine clothing details, such as a tie. In short, in our catalogue, you won't find any Chinese figurines without faces - note, Preiser figurines are made in Germany.


How to paint a miniature figurine?

Our sales site offers many kits of figures to paint. Our shop even has a department specially dedicated to these collectible figures. This option has several advantages. Firstly, it saves money. In a large diorama, the figures budget can quickly become substantial. Yet the price of these unpainted accessories is much lower. Secondly, this formula allows painters to customise the colour of their decorative accessories. There's no need for a spray gun or airbrush: very fine brushes and acrylic paint are the best tools for optimising the look of your figurines and characters. Paint in small strokes, leave to dry... and fix your creation in your game scene. Are you creative? This is the solution for you. Check out our painting department to group your order. 


How to fix a small figurine in a diorama?

A figurine at HO scale measures no more than two centimetres. In N scale, it measures no more than a centimetre. Not to mention replicas of seated people or children.... Given the size of these model-making accessories, it's imperative to fix them to the ground so they don't fly off at the first jolt. There are various ways of doing this. The most commonly used method is to put a dot of glue under the feet of the character to make it stand upright. It is preferable to use model glue. The disadvantage of this method is that it's complicated to move a figure afterwards. Some modellers prefer to drill the soles of the feet of their characters with a small drill bit to attach a metal rod, so that they can be planted in the scenery and moved around as they please. This technique is difficult to implement for reproductions below HO scale.


How to animate miniature characters in a diorama ?

Even though model making brands compete in creativity to make characters that look like they're moving, these accessories remain static. There are a number of ways you can add a little more dynamism to your railway operating scene. To start with, use the method described in the previous paragraph to fix your figures in your diorama. This will make it easier to move a character around. Our catalogue also includes animated figures. These model kits allow you to stage characters in perpetual motion thanks to an electric motor hidden in the scenery. Discover our range of animated figures.


In summary

Miniature figures may seem like a secondary accessory. Yet they add a real plus to a miniature rail network. Indeed, the development of therailway is closely linked to human history. Can you imagine a splendid steam locomotive from the conquest of the American West without the main characters, i.e. the settlers, cowboys and Indians !? So, for the sake of realism, it's a shame to do without them. What's more, there s a whole series of figurines that can be used to recreate a multitude of worlds, from the world of the circus to the railways.