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Circuit cars - Slot Racing

The tracks of cars have fascinated little ones and big ones for generations. Creating small-scale car circuits to experience speed, steering, chicanes... is an activity that many are fond of.

Here you'll find numerous models of car racing that will make the youngest and oldest dream to drive on your custom-made circuits !

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Which scale for your track car ?

In the fascinating world of tracks of cars, especially in the field of modelling, scales play a vital role, offering enthusiasts a way of capturing the scale and authenticity of the tracks and vehicles they reproduce. The main scales, 1/32, 1/24, 1/43, and 1/28, represent the diversity and richness of modelling automobile.

Each scale offers a unique experience, from the great precision of the details to the ability to create more compact and manipulable circuits. The 1/24 scale, for example, is widely recognised for its ability to capture a richness of detail on vehicles and circuits, making it particularly popular with realism-conscious modellers.

In contrast, the 1/43 scale allows you to build larger sets in a limited space, ideal for those looking to maximise their play or collection space. The 1/32 and 1/28 scales offer a good balance between detail and dimension, allowing enthusiasts to create impressive circuits while retaining attention to detail.

These many scales allow every enthusiast to find the scale that best suits their preferences in terms of detail, space and realism.

Carrera circuit

The circuits Carrera embody a veritable institution in the world of model cars, offering enthusiasts of all ages an unparalleled immersion in the world of racing. Renowned for their outstanding quality and durability, the Carrera Circuits come in a range of scales, including the popular 1/32 and 1/24, allowing for a vast range of track configurations and compatibility with a wide variety of models of miniature cars.

What particularly sets Carrera apart is their commitment to innovation and technology. Their Digital 132 and Digital 124 systems allow users to drive up to six cars simultaneously on the same track, with the ability to pass and stop at stands, providing a race dynamic and strategic experience.

In addition, the brand offers an impressive assortment of tracks, ranging from tracks faithfully replicating world-famous real professional courses to original creations that defy the imagination, enriching the gaming experience with varied elements such as loops, banked turns and rally sections.

From wooden cars to bespoke  circuits: there's something for all ages

From the charm temporal cars made of wood to the sophistication of circuits on measurements, the world of model cars appeals to all generations.

In the past, simple wooden cars, powered by imagination and manual dexterity, introduced children to the jest of racing, marking the first steps towards a passion for speed.

Today, that passion has turned into a quest for personalisation with bespoke tracks, where every element is adjustable to reflect individual preferences, offering total immersion in racing as with Scalextric models.

These circuits, equipped with technologies advanced, allow dynamic interactions and extensive customisation, accessible to all ages.