Jura modélisme offers a wide choice of miniature cars in various scales. These scale models are reproductions of mythical vehicles from the most great brands of the automotive world, such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Aston-Martin, Chrysler, Renault, Citroën or Volvo. Our selection of small classic cars is ideal for customising the diorama of a electric train circuit or decorating a collector's window.
In addition to our collection of cars, we also have other miniature vehicles: fire engines, semi-trailers, motorbikes, scooters, trailers, bicycles, aeroplanes and helicopters, etc. They are designed by SAI, Busch, Viessmann or Artitec, manufacturers renowned for the realism of their miniature cars
Finally, we market solutions that allow static miniature vehicles to be animated. Discover the Car System FALLER and Magnorail technologies. They'll add an extra touch of realism to your model train layout.
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Choosing the right miniature car

Model cars: how not to get the wrong era?

Model railroading is not just about running trains. Building sets is also an important aspect of this creative hobby. But to be faithful to reality, you need to choose your decorating accessories carefully, and in particular choose the rightcar model. It's hard to imagine a Ford Escort next to a Pacific steam locomotive (locomotive) or a Citroen traction car next to a TGV train ( TGV). For reasons of historical consistency, the carsand trains miniature are classified by periods that symbolise the major dates in French rail travel, from its inception to the present day. For example, the unification of the rolling stock of private railway companies by the SNCF at the beginning of the 20th century. To choose your miniature collectible vehicle correctly, it is essential to consider this information provided by the manufacturer.


Can I use any small car in a diorama ?

The size of miniature collectible automobiles is standardised. The size of these replicas is determined by a fixed reduction coefficient that allows the proportions of the real model to be preserved, whether it is a saloon, a city car, a cabriolet or a racing car. This system also applies to figurines, models and rolling stock. For reasons of consistency, it is desirable to keep the same scale for all accessories on a miniatur railway layout. The most widespread is the'HO or 1/87th scale- one centimetre on the model car is equivalent to 87 centimetres in reality.
In addition, the scales of model railroading are specific. In other words, it's complicated to use a Majorette car in a model train setting, as the brand's scale, the 1/64th, is no longer used much by model train enthusiasts in Europe.


How are model cars made?

Most miniature collectible cars are made of plastic or metal, with the exception of some limited edition models. The manufacturing process is broken down into three stages:
1- Design. To miniaturise a car, modelling brands use computer-aided design (CAD). 3D modelling makes it possible to simplify the original while retaining its general line. In this way, it is possible to imitate a multiplicity of motorised vehicles: Ford Mustang, Lotus, Land-rover, Daicia duster, Mégane, Ferrari... A scale model mould is created from this prototype.
2- Moulding. The molten plastic or metal is poured into the mould, then highly compressed. This high-pressure moulding process produces a thin, uniform and well-detailed sheet. Ideal mass produce the bodywork, chassis or spare parts for a miniature model.
3- Finishes. Once the molten material has cooled, the part is removed from the mould. It is then painted, before being packaged and then marketed.


How to animate a miniature car in a diorama?

Allsmall collectible car models are static, with the exception of the radio-controlled car and the friction car. Both are unsuitable for an electric train circuit. However, there are solutions to this problem, such as the Magnorail system. This system works by means of a motorised magnetic rail that runs under the scenery. This accessory allows a miniature vehicle magnetised to move along this invisible track. So you can animate a car, a bike, a motorbike or a small boat. The illusion is perfect, and a real way to liven up any diorama. Magnorail animates only scale models HO, N or Z.
We also sell Faller's Car system. It works differently, but achieves the same result. To find out more, discover our Animated vehicles section.


In summary

Our sales site has a wide choice of models of miniature collector cars. However, when it comes to model railways, each model has its own specific characteristics, so it's important to check certain details, such as scale and period, before making a decision. The problem is a little different for a vintage vehicle in a display box. On the other hand, all our vehicles are static by default, but it is possible to animate them using innovative mechanisms. Our range of car models evolves regularly, so check our website regularly to discover our latest novelties.