Minitrix 15° left-hand turnout 112.6 mm - N : 1/160 - code 80 - 14954

Brand : MINITRIX   |   Référence : TR14954
N : 1/160 2R
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Left-hand turnout Minitrix to scale N: 1/160th with a length of 112.6 mm and an angle of 15° under reference 14954 for model railways.

Rayon of curve R4 362.6 mm with possibility of making parallel tracks  of different gauges. 

Profiled in code 80

Black sleepers

With fishplates fitted

Possibility of fitting Minitrix 14934 motor not included


Minitrix offers a left switch in N scale: 1/160th under reference 14954 which measures 112.6 mm whose curve angle is 15° with a radius R4 of 362.6 mm

Using the curved rail 14927 then the straight, 14903, this allows a parallel track to be made at 29.2 mm centres.

Using the straight rail 14903 then the curved, 14927, this allows a parallel track to be made at 33.6 mm centres.

Using the straight rail 14905 then the curved, 14927, this allows a parallel track to be made at 52.1 mm centres.

It is possible to automate a turnout or TJD using Minitrix 14935 and 14934 motors.

Minitrix turnouts have operational reliability as well as polyvalence during assembly.

By offering normal as well as wound turnouts and also junction bushings, the track Minitrix range thus offers a device for every scenario.


For standard as well as curved turnouts, there is a possible train stop function. There is a switch that powers the track depending on the position of the turnout. To activate it, you simply use pliers to remove the small metal "U "s at the heart of the switch. This means that if two trains arrive at the point at the same time, only one of them will pass in the direction in which the switch is activated, to avoid collisions. If the metal "U "s are left in place, then the switch will operate leaving current in both tracks.


It is possible to make a parallel track using a minimum of space (33.6mm centre-to-centre) simply by placing two switches opposite each other.

The track at scale N : 1/160th from the brand Minitrix offers a wide range of straight track as well as curved track, turnouts and crossings to offer a maximum possibility to build a model train layout using a minimum amount of space.

The track sections are manufactured from a rust-free metal alloy guaranteeing reliable contact between the wheel and the rails.

The width of a Minitrix track with sleepers is 16 mm, and the height of the profile is 2.1 mm in code 80.


The Minitrix brand offers 14 turnouts, crossings as well as junction crossings:

-A turnout left with a length of 104.2 mm, an angle of 24° and a radius R1 of 194.6 mm under reference 14951.

-Right-hand switch with a length of 104.2 mm, an angle of 24° and a R1 radius of 194.6 mm under reference 14953.

-Double junction feedthrough (TJD) with a length of 104.2 mm, an angle of 30° and a radius R1 of 194.6 mm under reference 14968.

-Crossing a length of 104.2 mm, an angle of 30° and a radius R1 of 194.6 mm under reference 14958.

-Crossing a length of 129.8 mm, an angle of 15° and a radius R4 of 362.6 mm under reference 14973.

-Double junction feedthrough (TJD) with a length of 129.8 mm, an angle of 15° and a R4 radius of 362.6 mm under reference 14960.

-A switch left with a length of 112.6 mm, an angle of 15° and a R4 radius of 362.6 mm under reference 14954.

-A switch right with a length of 112.6 mm, an angle of 15° and a R4 radius of 362.6 mm under reference 14955.

-Switch left with polarised heart point with a length of 112.6 mm, a angle of 15° and a R4 rod of 362.6 mm under reference 14938.

-Switch right with polarised core tip length 112.6 mm, a angle of 15° and a R4 rod of 362.6 mm under reference 14939.

-Curved switch left of 42° and of radii R1 / R2 of 194.6 / 228.2 mm under reference 14956.

-Curved switch straight of 42° and radions R1 / R2 of 194.6 / 228.2 mm under reference 14957.

-Curved switch left of 30° and R3 / R4 spokes of 329 / 362.6 mm under reference 14947.

-Curved switch straight of 30° and of rods R3 / R4 of 329 / 362.6 mm under reference 14948.


Easy to install, Minitrix turnouts are supplied with fishplates already installed allowing the junction between two rails to be made.

For fixing, the Minitrix brand offers metal clips (optional) under reference 66528.

For permanent installation, there are screws as well as fixing nails in the Minitrix brand under the references 66548 / 66537.

The metal plates and plastic plates sold separately are under references 66525 / 66539.

The brand Minitrix offers a gabarit for its tracks under reference 66600 in order to make an accurate network plan.


Technical sheet

Angle (degrees)
Track code
N : 1/160
Point at the heart of the switch
Minimum curve radius (mm)
R4 362,6
Operating system
2 Rails - Direct current
Length (mm)

Manufacturer : MINITRIX

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