Left-hand switch Peco SLE96 Electrofrog code 100 - HO

Brand : PECO   |   Référence : PESLE96
HO : 1/87 2R Electrofrog
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Medium left-hand turnout code 100 Peco SLE96 Electrofrog (polarised core)brown imitation wood sleepers for model railroading to scale HO 1/87th.

Scale : HO 1/87th.

Code : 100.

Length : 219 mm

Angle : 12°.

Material : Plastic

Deflection radius: 438 mm 

Core point of switch : metal.



Under part number SLE96 from manufacturer PECO, unballasted insulfrog straight switch of 219 mm.
The Peco brand of track offers a wide range of track for building a model train layout.

The UK company is known for its code 100 and 75 in HO 1/87th scale.

The track sections are made of maillechort (an alloy of copper and brass), materials offering very high electrical conductivity and not oxidising (easier rail cleaning).

Peco's HO 1/87th scale turnouts are available in two technologies:Insulfrog and Electrofrog.

The Insulfrog models have a&strong>plastic core point (and therefore not electrically powered). These turnouts are recommended for model railway systems in analogue operation (conventional power supply via a transformer).

The Electrofrog models have a metallic core point (allowing better current pick-up from the locomotives). As a result, at low speeds, the locomotives run more smoothly. These turnouts are recommended for model train networks in digital operation (power supply by digital control unit).

The points deflection system allows the turnout to be motorised with several types of motor:

A table-top motor reference Peco PL11 which is placed next to the turnout on the track plan.

An under-table motor reference Peco PL1000/PL1001 which is placed below the layout support for discreet installation.

Peco straight turnouts in HO 1/87th scale come in three lengths: short, medium and long.

Technical sheet

Angle (degrees)
Track code
HO : 1/87
Radius (mm)
Operating system
2 Rails - Direct current
Length (mm)

Manufacturer : PECO

PECO: Rail and track, soft, rigid and flexible from the PECO brand. Switch, crossing, TJS, TJD, track box PECO. Rails PECO aux échelles 1 : 87 ème, 1 : 160 ème et 1 : 220 ème, 1 : 43 ème, 1 : 22 ème etc.

Jura Modélisme offers you the full range of track from the PECO brand. Discover flexible rails, rigid rails, turnouts, crossings, junction crossings in N, HO, O and 1 scales.The most common track codes are code 100, code 75 and code 83.

Discover the products of the PECO brand for model trains and model railway layouts.

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