Roco 42428 - R10 888 mm - HO : 1/87 - Code 83

Rail courbe R10 15° 888mm de rayon
  • Rail courbe R10 15° 888mm de rayon
  • Rail courbe R10 15° 888mm de rayon
  • Rail courbe R10 15° 888mm de rayon
  • Rail courbe R10 15° 888mm de rayon
  • Rail courbe R10 15° 888mm de rayon


Fabricant : ROCO

Rocoline 42428 curved track, R10 888 mm rod, 15° angle and a length of 230 mm for model railroading in scale HO 1/87

The Roco 42428 reverse curve can be used in order to make a track parallel to your 15° switches

It takes 24 Roco 42428 curved rails to make a circle of 1776 mm diameter

Roco track profile is in
code 83

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ROCO Locomotive, locotracteur, wagons, voitures voyageur de la marque ROCO. Découvrez également les voies Rocoline et Géoline : rail, aiguillage et accessoires de voies ROCO.

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The Roco 42428 R10 Curved Track will allow you to make a parallel track by using it with Roco 15° angle switches or crossovers.

The Rocoline curved rail range consists of 6 different radii numbered R2 through R6 and R9:

R2: 358 mm radius Roco 42422 30° angle.

R3: 419.6 mm radius Roco 42423 30° angle.

R4: 481.2 mm radius Roco 42424 30° angle.

R5: Rayon 542.8 mm Roco 42425 30° angle.
R6: Rayon 604.4 mm Roco 42426 30° angle.

R9: Rayon 826.4 mm Roco 42427 15° angle.

R21/4: Small R2 curved rail of 358 mm radius Roco 42408 7.5° angle (for use with Roco 42432/42433 turnouts).

R31/4: Small R3 curved rail of 419.6 mm rod Roco 42409 7.5° angle.

R10: 888 mm radius Roco 42428 15° angle (for use with 15° angle turnouts to make a parallel track).

R20: 1962 mm radius Roco 42430 5° angle (for use with 10° angle turnouts to make a parallel track).

The RocoLine track system is a so-called "2 Rails"power system operating in direct current in both analog and digital modes.

Discover the RocoLine track, which is replicated with heavy-duty plastic ties that perfectly mimic railroad tracks.

These rails, will perfectly equip your model train layout and allow the running of your trains at Ho 1/87 scale .

The rail profile is made of maillechort, an alloy of copper and brass. This material has the particularity of being a very good electrical conductor. Moreover, unlike steel rails, it does not oxidize.

The connection of two RocoLine rails is made via the rail's joint bars.
Once connected,the junction between 2 rails is discreet.

To supply your tracks with analog, you can use the Roco rail reference 42421.

For digital operation, use the Roco connection cable reference 42613.

Angle ( degrees ) 15°
Track code 83
Scale HO : 1/87
Material Plastic
Radius ( in mm ) 888
Operating system 2 Rails - Direct Current
Length ( in mm ) 230


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