Curved Rail R9 12,1° Marklin 24912 - Radius 1114,6 mm - HO : 1/87 - Code 83 - Track C

Rail courbe rayon 1114.6mm, angle 12.1°
  • Rail courbe rayon 1114.6mm, angle 12.1°
  • Rail courbe rayon 1114.6mm, angle 12.1°
  • Rail courbe rayon 1114.6mm, angle 12.1°
  • Rail courbe rayon 1114.6mm, angle 12.1°
  • Rail courbe rayon 1114.6mm, angle 12.1°


Fabricant : MÄRKLIN

Marklin R9 curved rail with ballast with a radius of 1114.6 mm, a angle of 12.1° and alength of 234 mm for model railroading in HO 1/87 scale.

The Marklin 24912 rail is a reverse curve for the large 24711 and 24712 switches that allows for a return to parallel.

The 2.1mm high profile is made of
code 83.

Trix track width with ballast 40mm.

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MÄRKLIN Produits Marklin pour le modélisme ferroviaire : train, locomotive, wagon, voiture voyageur, rail et aiguillage aux échelles HO, Z et I de la marque MÄRKLIN.

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The Marklin brand has a range of curved rails ranging from R1 360 mm radius to R5 643.6 mm for your model train layout.

The Marklin power supply system is commonly referred to as
"syst 3 rails" or "syst AC" for AC current.

In fact, rolling stock such as locomotives, railcars, or even passenger cars requiring power thus pick up current through the three metal rails.

This Marklin alternating current (3-rail) system stands out for its reliability and guarantees no power outages of your model railroad layout.

The imitation wood railroad ties as well as the ballast arefinely reproduced. The aesthetic appearance of the rail is realistic

The track profile is made of a metal alloy called "Nickel Silver" of high quality that guarantees a long service life as well as simplified maintenance.

The power supply to your network is made via invisible contacts under the rails. This electrical connection is easily made without soldering thanks to the Marklin power splices reference 74040.

The Marklin rails are attached to each other by a very robust clip system which allows infinite assembly and disassembly. This makes these rails ideal for both temporary and permanent mounting.

Angle ( degrees ) 12,1°
Track code 83
Scale HO : 1/87
Material Plastic
Radius ( in mm ) 1114,6
Operating system 3 Rails - Alternating current
Length ( in mm ) 234


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