Locomotive 5-141 E 234 "Grenoble" Analog REE MODELES MB128 - SNCF - HO 1/87

Brand : REE MODÈLES   |   Référence : REMB128
III HO : 1/87 2R Analogue
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A Steam Locomotive 141 E 234, with Tender 25m3 25 A 11, from the SNCF era III, in HO 1/87th scale, under the reference MB128 from the manufacturer REE MODELES.

Analogue version, 2 rails - Direct current, 2 rails.

Repository: Grenoble.

Length : 262 mm.

Details : Double chimney, small smoke screens, ACFI pump.


Under reference REE MODELES MB128, here is a sumptuous steam locomotive 5-141 E 234 analogue black, with tender of 25m3, from the SNCF, in HO 1/87th scale and of period III, 2 rails.

Characteristics of the model 141 E 234 locomotive:

- DC model, fitted with a 21-pin NEM decoder socket for possible digitisation.

- Dummy front and rear lights.

- Locomotive featuring many details: double chimney, small smoke screens, ACFI pump, Tender 25m3 A 11, protective grilles in the driver's cab, coal in the tender, and many other surprises...

This model is also available in a digital sound version with pulsed smoke, running on a 2 track (DC) system under the reference REE MODELS MB128S, but also running on a 3 track (AC) system under the reference REE MODELS MB128SAC.

A little history: 

The 141 E steam locomotives are engines developed on the PLM 141 C model (having seen the light of day in 1918). Basically, these locomotives are locomotives known as MIKADO, composed as follows: 1 carrying bissel, 4 driving axles, 1 carrying bissel ("1", "4", "1" -> 141). These are "compound" type locomotives offering significant traction qualities (very good climbers), and provided passenger and freight train transport for the PLM, then the SNCF.

From 1 January 1938, the 141 C series was integrated into the SNCF. They then began to receive certain modifications resulting in the appearance of the 141 D , 141 E, then 141 F versions.

The 141 D differed from the 141 C by the addition of boiler feed water heaters (ACFI or DABEG System). These were arranged laterally alongside the boiler on the machine deck. 

Following this, these locomotives would also be transformed at exhaust level and would be fitted with smoke screens. This would give birth to our 141 E!"

Finally, they would be transformed again in terms of the chassis by modifying the bissel porteur avant, to then reach a speed of 105 km/h. This would then be the appearance of the 141 F

Technical sheet

HO : 1/87
III - From 1946 to 1970
Number of pins
Operating system
2 Rails - Direct current
Length (mm)

Manufacturer : REE MODÈLES

Product of the Rail Europe Express ( REE ) brand for model railroading. Train, locomotive, carriage and passenger car in 1 : 87 th scale from the REE MODÈLES brand.

Jura Modélisme offers you a wide choice of REE MODÈLES locomotives, passenger cars and carriages. The REE MODÈLES brand offers superb models, mostly from French companies: PO, PLM, SNCF.

Discover the REE MODÈLES brand products for model trains and model railway networks.

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