Straight Curved Turnout BWr5/6 R5 542.8mm 30° ROCO 42571 - HO 1/87 - Code 83 [ROCO LINE] : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

Brand : ROCO   |   Référence : RO42571
HO : 1/87 2R
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A Right Curved TurnoutBWr5/6 under part number 42571 from manufacturer ROCO.

Scale : HO 1/87th.

Code: 83.

Angle: 30°.

Rayon : R5 542.8 mm to R6 604.4 mm.

Track width with Ballast : 56mm.

Type of Ballast : Flexible Rubber [ROCO LINE].


  • With core polarisation pre-installed.
  • It is possible to install the Roco 42620 (analogue) or Roco 42624 (digital) motor on Rocoline turnouts with ballast.
  • For analogue use, the Roco 10520 control box can be used to control motorised turnouts/junction crossings.
  • For digital use, the decoder integrated into the Roco 42624 motor allows direct control by a digital control unit.


CAUTION: Do not use the switch without it being clipped into a switch, otherwise the mechanism may be damaged!

- Low switching current consumption.

- End of travel switching. 

Additional features:

  • Equipped with fishplates & Rail profiles are made of maillechort (copper and brass alloy) allowing easy maintenance, longer life and reliable electrical continuity of the track.
  • phonetically isolate your model railway layout and thus limit the rolling noise of your rolling stock Sleepers wood & plastic ballast with relief for realistic rendering.
  • Extreme easeof placement! 2-rail system, Direct Current with ballast.
  • The junction between 2 rails is discreet.
  • Height of rail profile  : 2.1 mm in code 83

Find the entire ROCO LINE track with flexible ballast from the manufacturer ROCO :

Rail Straight:

  • A Rail Straight G4 Flexible, 920mm, under part number 42506.
  • One Rail straight G1, wooden crossbar, 230mm, under reference 42510.
  • One Rail straight DG1, wooden crossbar, 119mm, under reference 42511.
  • One Rail straight G1/2, wooden sleeper, 115mm, under reference 42512.
  • One Rail straight G1/4, wooden sleeper, 57.5mm, under reference 42513.

Special straight rails: 

  • A Supply rail G ½ Digital, 115mm, under reference 42517.
  • A Switching rail G ½, 115mm, under reference 42518.
  • One Decoupling rail G ½, 115mm, under part number 42519.
  • One Supply rail G ½ Analogue, 115mm, under part number 42521.

Curved rails:

  • One Curved rail, R2 358mm, 30°, under part number 42522.
  • One Curved rail, R3 419.6mm, 30°, under part number 42523.
  • One Curved rail, R4 481.2mm, 30°, under reference 42524.
  • One Curved rail, R5 542.8mm, 30°, under reference 42525.
  • One Curved rail, R6 604.4mm, 30°, under reference 42526.
  • One Curved rail, R9 826.4mm, 15°, under reference 42457.
  • One Curved rail, R2 ¼ 358mm, 7.5°, under reference 42508.
  • One Curved rail, R3 ¼ 419.6mm, 7.5°, under reference 42509.
  • One Curved rail, R10 888mm, 15°, under reference 42528.
  • One Curved rail, R20 1962mm, 5°, under reference 42530.

Right Turnouts:

  • A Left Turnout Wl15, R 873.5mmm, 15°,under reference 42532.
  • A Right Turnout Wr15, R 873.5mmm, 15°,under reference 42533.
  • A Left Turnout Wl10, R 1946mmm, 10°, under reference 42580.
  • A Right TurnoutWr10, R 1946mmm, 10°, under reference 42581.

Curved turnouts:

  • A Left-hand curved turnout BWl2/3 under reference 42556.
  • A Right-hand curved switchBWr2/3 under reference 42557.
  • A Left-hand curved switch BWl5/6 under reference 42570.
  • A Right-hand curved switchBWr5/6 under reference 42571.
  • A Left-hand curved switch BWl3/4 under reference 42572.
  • A Right-hand curved switch BWr3/4 under reference 42573.
  • A Left-hand curved switch, long, BWl9/10 under reference 42568.
  • A Right-hand curved switch, long, BWr9/10 under reference 42569.


  • One Single Junction Crossing (SJC) EKW15,15° & R 531mm, 230mm under reference 42546.
  • An Asymmetrical Triple Switch DWW15, 15° & R 873.5mm, 287.5mm under part number 42543.
  • A Twin Junction Crossing (TJD) DKW10,10° & R 959mm, 345mm under part number 42549.
  • One Traversée Jonction Simple (TJS) EKW10,10° & R 959mm, 345mm under reference 42591.
  • One Standard crossing K15, 230mm & 15°, under reference 42597.
  • One Standard crossing DGV15, 115mm & 30°, under reference 42598.

Track accessories:

  • One bag of 400 short nails, 11.5mm, under reference 10000.
  • One bag of 500 long nails, 15mm, under reference 10001.
  • One Heurtoir under reference 42267.
  • One Bag of Conductive Splices under reference 42610.
  • One Bag of Insulating Splices under reference 42611.
  • One Bag of Transition Splices, Code 83 & Code 100 under reference 42612.
  • One Pair of Feed Splices under part number 42613

Accessories for Switches:

  • One Switch Motor without decoder, under part number 42620.

Track sets:

  • B track setB track setunder reference 42010.
  • C track setC track setunder reference 42011.
  • Set of way D under reference 42012.
  • Set of way E under reference 42013.

Technical sheet

Angle (degrees)
Track code
HO : 1/87
Radius (mm)
Operating system
2 Rails - Direct current
Length (mm)

Manufacturer : ROCO

ROCO : Train, locomotive, wagon, passenger car, rail and switch HO and HOe scales from the ROCO brand.

Jura Modélisme offers locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars, rails and other track accessories from the ROCO brand in 1:87th scale. Discover the French locomotives and other SNCF rolling stock.

Find all the rail products, turnouts, fishplates, turnout motors from the Géoline and Rocoline ranges.
Discover the ROCO brand products for model trains and model railway networks.

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