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Seated figure

Need a miniature replica of travellers? Jura modélisme is exclusively offering a fine collection of seated figures. At the wheel of a car or on a station platform waiting for their connection, these collectible miniature figures are available in a range of different poses. Manufactured by brands specialising in railway modelling, such as Preiser, Busch, Noch and Faller, the natural attitude of the decorative accessories immediately enhances the realism of a three-dimensional production. Find a seated character who fits in perfectly with your design and bring your miniature iron bucket to life. The filters on the left-hand side of the screen are specially designed to make browsing easier.

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Choosing your seated characters

What is a seated character?

In model railroading, aseated character is a miniature figure designed to be placed on a station platform, inside a rail car or in an empty space in your model railroad layout. These accessories add life to a design by creating realistic scenes where passengers wait, read a newspaper, chat or go about their business. These seated characters, available in a wide variety of poses, outfits and facial expressions, make it possible to reproduce different situations and atmospheres. Ideal for telling a story. Some of the unpainted figures can be hand-coloured, allowing them to be personalised and adapted to the atmosphere of a particular room. diorama. A seated figure is just one of the many figurines that allow model enthusiasts and collectors to express their creativity.


How tall is a miniature figure in a seated position ?

In railroad modelling, it is important to choose figures that match à the scale of your