Convertible - Cadillac - BREKINA 19753 - HO Scale - Eldorado convertible - Light blue metallic

Brand : BREKINA   |   Référence : BR19753
IV, III HO : 1/87
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This miniature car is a very successful reproduction of the mythical Cadillac Eldorado from 1976.

  • Make: Cadillac.
  • Reference: 19753.
  • Scale: HO-/87th.
  • Era: III-IV.


This miniature car from Brekina ( ref. 19753) is specially designed for model railroading. It is a magnificent reproduction of a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado in metallic blue. Brekina is a manufacturer renowned for the realism of these scale models of major brand vehicles. It offers a wide range of collector's cars that are extremely well finished. 

This is the case with this 1976 Cadillac Eldorado perfectly imitated in HO scale. The whitewall tyres, the vehicle's gleaming chrome, the leather seats inside the cabin, everything about this smaller model is reminiscent of the original. Thisdecorative accessory will give a nice seventies touch to the decor of your miniature railroad layout.

The Cadillac Eldorado was a top-of-the-range convertible sold for over 50 years in various versions, mainly in the United States. The 1976 Eldorado is equipped with four disc brakes and a 190hp 8.2-litre V8 engine.

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Technical sheet

HO : 1/87
IV - From 1971 to 1991
III - From 1946 to 1970

Manufacturer : BREKINA

Products from the BREKINA brand for model railroading and diorama creation. Cars, trucks, semi-trailers and other vehicles in scales 1 : 87 th, 1 : 160 th from the BREKINA brand. HO and N scale vehicles.

Jura Modélisme offers a wide range of vehicles from the BREKINA brand. BREKINA is a company specialising in the production of semi-trailer trucks, cars, vans in HO and N scales. These vehicles offer excellent value for money.

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