PARIS CONFLANS- SUD EST" Green mixed UIC sleeper car R37 HO42102 | SNCF HO - EpIV

Brand : R37   |   Référence : R37.HO42102
IV HO : 1/87 2R
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One Voiture voyageur UIC "PARIS CONFLANS" Région SUD EST, scale HO 1/87th, under the reference HO42102 of the manufacturer R37

Company : SNCF.

Era : IV.

Delivery: Green  & framed logo.

Registration number:  A4c4B5c5x, 51 87 44-70 306-8

Class: Mixed 1st and 2nd.

Min radius: 360.


Additional features:

  • plastic chassis (total weight of cars plus or minus 162g depending on interior fittings),
  • 1 drawbar supplied,
  • interior fittings,
  • Y24 brake bogies,
  • bush bearing with socket fitted as standard,
  • insulated axles,
  • electronic plate (constant lighting),
  • illuminated compartments (white or blue pilot light),
  • adjustable light intensity by resistor (simple removal of the roof), 6-pin DCC socket,
  • decorations and equipment consistent with original models

Technical sheet

First class
Second class
HO : 1/87
IV - From 1971 to 1991
Minimum curve radius (mm)
Operating system
2 Rails - Direct current

Manufacturer : R37

Products of the brand Rail 37 R37 for model railroading. Train, locomotive, carriage and passenger car in 1 : 87 th HO and 1 :43,5 th O scales from the Rail 37 R37 brand.

Jura Modélisme offers a wide selection of R37 locomotives, passenger cars and carriages. The R37 brand offers superb models, mostly from French companies: PO, PLM, SNCF.

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