1 roll of WOODLAND SCENICS C1203 plastered fabric - 203x4570mm - 92.9 dm²

Brand : WOODLAND SCENICS   |   Référence : WOC1203
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One roll of plastered fabric, under reference C1203 from manufacturer WOODLAND SCENICS.

Size: 4570 x 203 mm .

Area : 92.9 dm².

Ideal for filling cracks, at any scale.


Under part number WOODLAND SCENICS C1203, a roll of 203 x 4570 mm plastered fabric, for any scale!

Manufacturer Woodland Scenics:

Woodland Scenics is a brand specialising in the design of reduced-scale railway equipment. Find various dioramas (vegetation, flocking, fibres...) and other scenery accessories (ballast, paint, decorative earth...) made in HO 1/87; Z: 1/220; N: 1/160; O 1/43 or TT: 1/220 scales.

Technical sheet

Length (mm)
Width or depth (in mm)


Products from the WOODLAND SCENICS brand for model railroading and diorama creation. Products and scenery accessories from the WOODLAND SCENICS brand.

Jura Modélisme offers products from the WOODLAND SCENICS brand. Find flocking accessories, trees, bushes, ballast, static fibres WOODLAND SCENICS. Grass carpeting, fibres, flockings, tunnel entrances, retaining walls, trees, vegetation WOODLAND SCENICS.
The WOODLAND SCENICS products are suitable for network and diorama scenery at scales of 1 : 87 th, 1 : 160 th, 1 :43 th and 1 : 220 th.

Discover the products of the brand WOODLAND SCENICS for model trains and model railway layouts.

View products from manufacturer WOODLAND SCENICS

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