Set of 2 wagons de transport automobiles DDm Marklin 87095 - Z 1/220 - OBB - EP IV

Brand : MÄRKLIN   |   Référence : MA87095
IV Z : 1/220 3R
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Set of 2 DDm car transport wagons under reference 87095 from manufacturer Marklin.

Length excluding buffers: 120 mm.

Minimum curve radius: 195 mm.

Delivery: Pure orange.

Registration number: 51 80 98-80 056-9.

Model3-rail "alternating current".


The Marklin brand offers the Set of 2 DDm automobile transport wagons in scale Z 1/220th under the reference 87095.

Features of the set of 2 DDm car transport wagons,

  • With short coupling hooks at both ends.
  • Used for Transborder traffic.
  • Painting & Inscription neat.

Manufacturer Marklin,

Marklin is a German brand specialising in the design of railway rolling stock under an alternating current (3 rail) operating system. Their models are renowned for being very well detailed and very robust thanks to their metal materials.

The model train manufacturer mainly produces products in HO: 1/87th scale from the various eras of the railway.

Marklin offers locomotives with Analogue, Digital, Digital Sound and Digital Sound Fumigène technologies.

Technical sheet

Z : 1/220
IV - From 1971 to 1991
Minimum curve radius (mm)
Operating system
3 Rails - Courant alternatif
Length (mm)
Number of rooms

Manufacturer : MÄRKLIN

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