Roco 42615 Motorized Turntable - HO : 1/87 - Code 83

Plaque tournante motorisée
  • Plaque tournante motorisée
  • Plaque tournante motorisée


Fabricant : ROCO

Roco 42615 motorized swing bridge for locomotives in HO 1/87 scale.

Total diameter: 307 mm.

Deck length: 253 mm.

Minimum depth: 50 mm.

9° between tracks.

Additional output elements under Roco part numbers 42616(2Rails) and 42617(3Rails).

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ROCO Locomotive, locotracteur, wagons, voitures voyageur de la marque ROCO. Découvrez également les voies Rocoline et Géoline : rail, aiguillage et accessoires de voies ROCO.

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Roco 42615 locomotive swing bridge in HO 1/87 scale with integrated electric motor and control unit.

Suitable for all 2 Track DC and for 3 Track AC center conductor NEM compliant (European model railroading standards) tracks.

Length of platform of 253 mm, corresponding to 22 m on the original model.

Minimum angle between two track exits is 9 degrees.

The turntable comeswith spacers in divisions of 1°, 3°, 6° and 9°. Therefore, any divisions from 9° upwards are possible in 1° steps between the lane outlets.

40 lane outlets can be set up in total. The turntable is supplied with four track outlets for 2L =.

Further track outlets are supplied as Roco accessories 42616, content: 4 track outlets 2Rails.

The platform motor operates with a supply voltage of 14 V AC.

The turntable is supplied with a control unit for selecting the direction of travel and the turning motion.

When the button on the swing bridge is released, the bridge stops exactly at the next track output.

From a technical point of view, the swing bridge is prepared for a preselection control allowing direct selection of the desired track output. As with the original, two speeds can be selected on the ROCO model.

The running current is fed into the turntable. The supply of the running voltage to the track outputs can be assigned using the control unit. This prevents the possible unintentional starting of a stopped locomotive when two track outlets are facing each other.*

A 1 m five-pole cable (transformer control unit) and a 2 m eight-pole cable (turntable computer) are provided.

Mounting dimensions:

Aperture required for mounting: 280 mm.

Mounting depth measured from the top edge of the table: 50 mm.

Outer diameter of turntable without track outlets: 307 mm.

Platform length: 253 mm.

Suitable for all locomotives with a wheelbase of up to 250 mm.

* When using the turntable in the DCC (digital) drive mode it is necessary to use a digital module for reversing loop.

Angle ( degrees )
Track code 83
Scale HO : 1/87