Cellulosic School Yellow Flat N°24 - Humbrol AA0268 - 14 mL

Brand : HUMBROL   |   Référence : HUAA0268
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Peinture Jaune Avion Ecole Mat N°24 sous la référence AA0268 du fabricant Humbrol, prant les acact&eute;ristiques suivantes : 

Colour: Yellow.

Nuance: Clear.

Finish: Mat.

Paint type: Cellulosic.

Cellulose jar of 14 mL.


The brand Humbrol offers a pot of paint of 14 mL colour Matte School Plane Yellow N°24 with mat finish under référence AA0268.


When to use paints from the manufacturer Humbrol?


This oil-based paint is suitable for models with plastic and metal parts. Humbrol paints are widely used in modelling and model making and the creation of figurines.


What accessories are needed to use these shades?


Humbrol paint is applied with a brush or à the aérographe. Use with Humbrol paint thinner reference AC7430. To clean your tools use Humbrol cleaner or White Spirit.


The metal pot makes it easier to preserve the paint. To open the jar, use a flathead screwdriver. Close the jar by exerting pressure on the lid.


Presentation of the manufacturer Humbrol:


This brand offers a wide range of paints and decorative accessories for models, figurines and the patina of objects related to modelling and model making. Décover paint, thinner, aérographe, Humbrol brushes and other accessories for model railroading.


Technical sheet


Manufacturer : HUMBROL

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