CC 6568 DCC SON electric locomotive - LsModels 10333S - HO : 1/87 - SNCF - EP IV / V

Brand : LS MODELS   |   Référence : LS10333S
IV, V HO : 1/87 2R Digital-sound
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Electric locomotive CC 6568 under reference 10333S from manufacturer LsModels.

Length excluding buffers: 233mm.

Registration number: 6568.

Delivered concrete grey and orange.

Depot: Lyon-Mouche.

Logo SNCF: Nouille.

Equipped with an ESU LokPilot decoder.

Electrical interface with 21 poles.



The brand Ls Models is offering the CC 6568 series electric locomotive, in HO 1/87th scale registration 6568 under reference 10333S.

Additional features of the locomotive under reference 10333S:

  • Miniature train that ran on SNCF railways during the IV / V.
  • Cocomotive CC 6553 from the Vénissieux depot, 160 km/h in grey and orange livery.
  • This scale model is offered by Ls Models in digital sound version, 2 rail direct current.
  • Locomotive length 233mm.

The strengths of this electric locomotive:

  • Fine detailed scale model, equipped with an electrical interface and decoder 21 pins.
  • Machine driven by a powerful 5-pole motor.
  • Front/rear lights, red and white reversible depending on running direction.

This locomotive will be perfect for your HO 1/87th scale layout!




Technical sheet

HO : 1/87
IV - From 1971 to 1991
V - From 1992 to 2004
Number of pins
Operating system
2 Rails - Direct current
Length (mm)

Manufacturer : LS MODELS

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