6 plastic straight track units 180 mm MARKLIN MY WORLD 23180 - HO 1/87

Brand : MÄRKLIN MY WORLD   |   Référence : MA23180
HO : 1/87 2R
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Pack of 6 Straight Rails under reference 23180 by manufacturer Marklin My World.

Scale: HO 1/87th.

Rails in rigid plastic, ballasted.

3-rail alternating current technology.


Under reference MARKLIN 23180, here is a lot of 6 ballasted straight rails, at HO 1/87th scale, in alternating current (3 rails).

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Manufacturer Marklin,

Marklin is a German brand specialising in the design of railway rolling stock under a alternating current (3-rail) operating system. Their designs are renowned for being very well detailed and very robust thanks to their metallic materials.

The model train manufacturer mainly produces products in HO: 1/87th scale from the different eras of the railway.
Marklin offers locomotives under the Analogue, Digital, Digital Sound and Digital Sound Fumigene technologies.

The Marklin my world range designs products that are accessible to beginners.

Technical sheet

HO : 1/87
Operating system
2 Rails - Direct current
Length (mm)

Manufacturer : MÄRKLIN MY WORLD

Jura Modélisme offers locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars, rails and other track accessories from the Marklin my World brand. Marklin my World is a brand of children's train compatible with 1 : 87 th ( HO ) scale trains.

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