Chimney smoke generator 18 Volts - scale G 1/22.5

Brand : LGB   |   Référence : LG65103
2 or G : 1/22.5
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This fireplace is equipped with a smoke generator . Components to equip locomotives many older people from starter sets are included. 18 V


Fireplace, 18V.
MARKLIN brand product, with reference LG65103.

Technical sheet

2 or G : 1/22.5

Manufacturer : LGB

Products from the LGB brand for model railroading and diorama creation. Train, locomotive, carriage, passenger car, rail and points in G scale 1/22.5 th the brand LGB.

Jura Modélisme offers locomotives, carriages and wagons from the brand LGB. LGB is a company specialising in the production of 1 : 22.5 scale trains, commonly called G scale ( G as in Garden understand Garden Train). Jura Modélisme also markets rails, tracks, scenery accessories and LGB characters.

Discover LGB brand products for model trains and model railway networks.

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