Redutex decor plate 087LD123 - HO: 1/87 - Plain brown brick

Brand : REDUTEX   |   Référence : RE087LD123
HO : 1/87
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Plaque de d&e cors brique plaine sous la référence 087LD123 du fabricant Redutex.

&Scale: HO 1/87ème.

Dimensions (length ; width) : 300 x 120 mm.

Material: Brick.

Colour: Brown.

Texture: 3D.


The brand Redutex offers a plate of décors Brique plaine à l39;échelle HO 1/87 sous la rérence 087LD123, which presents the following characteristics:

- The industrial tile décoration slab has a size of 300 by 120 mm.

Hyperréalism : Highly cut and carefully crafted sheet.

Adhésif : Repositionable and durable.

Élastic : Supports l'étirement.

Flexible ;: S'adapts à different shapes.

Easy cutting ;: With chisel, cutter or laser.

Proven resistance : Modèle with over 12 years'exposure.

Varied effects : Takes into account all kinds of techniques.

Minimum thickness : Maintains even scale in N and Z.

What are the special features of Redutex's horn plates?

Redutex offers sheets with 3D prints and textures, structured in 3 dimensions to offer the most realistic surface possible. These flexible products are self-adhesive for easy installation.

How to use d&eute;corative tiles?

The texture can be cut into any shape using scissors, cutters or a laser. 3D sheets can be applied to a wide range of surfaces (cardboard, cement, wood, polyurethane foam, etc.). When you heat them, re-align the 3D texture sheet, or remove it from the object for a few hours after the first use. What's more, the pre-coloured 3D plate can be painted and worn to your heart's content.

Now it's time for your creativity!

Beware: Do not bend the corns sheets at temperatures below 13°C, risk of breakage!

Présentation of the manufacturer Redutex:

Redutex is the brand name registered for the installation of décors sheets à l39;échelle HO : 1/87ème ; N: 1/160ème and Z: 1/220ème.These backbone sheets can be applied to any surface in your miniature bucket (stone walls, tiled roof, slate roof...), and will satisfy your modesty needs! The decorative leaves from the Redutex brand feature a highly detailed 3D texture.

Technical sheet

HO : 1/87
Length (mm)
Width or depth (in mm)

Manufacturer : REDUTEX

Redutex is the leading brand for the installation of HO: 1/87th; N: 1/160th and Z: 1/220th scale scenery sheets.

These decorative sheets can be applied to any surface of your miniature layout (stone walls, tiled roof, slate roof...), and will satisfy your modelling soul!

Decorative leaves from the Redutex brand feature a highly detailed 3D texture.

Discover products from the Redutex brand to perfect your dioramas and miniature networks.

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