2 Faller decorative panels 170808 - HO : 1/87 - anthracite grey imitation concrete

Brand : FALLER   |   Référence : FA170808
HO : 1/87
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2 decorative platesunder reference <170808from manufacturer Faller.

Scale HO 1/87th.

Color : Anthracite grey.

Material : Imitation concrete.

Dimensions (length; width; height): 370 x 140 x 2 mm (x2).


Faller offers 2 Decorative Plaques at HO 1/87 scale under reference 170808, which has the following characteristics:

- Twodecoration tiles with dimensions (length; width; height): 370 x 140 x 2 mm.

Instructions for use:

Two decorative slabs of honeycomb material each with 24 concrete floor slabs. These slabs can be used to realistically design streets, barracks yards, industrial surfaces and much more.

Material easy to cut to size using the modelling knife. Plaques can be painted later with solvent-free paints.

You can underline the joints of the plates, or add cracks or hollows using a black biros.

To fix the plates, use a solvent-free glue such as Faller plastic glue part number 180501.

Faller manufacturer presentation:

Faller is a German brand specialising in the design of products from modelling, in HO: 1/87, N: 1/160, Z: 1/220, G: 1/22.5.


You'll be able to discover models (buildings, rides, stations, platforms, industrial warehouses and other products that can add to your model railway network). As well as diorama (trees, characters, Car System, vegetation, flockings and much more) tackling several themesunder several eras such as: urban, rural, seaside, funfair, mountain, industrial, railway...and more environments!

Faller offers a comprehensive assembly manual for all its products, to help you assemble your models and dioramas more easily and quickly.

All their models are to be assembled using many parts for maximum detail. All the models correspond to existing buildings or buildings that once existed.

Their products are generally made from plastic injection materials to be assembled with Faller Expert plastic glue reference 170492. And in "Laser Cut" (cardboard) to be assembled with Expert Lasercut glue reference 170494.

Technical sheet

HO : 1/87

Manufacturer : FALLER

FALLER models in HO 1/87th, N 1/160th and Z 1/220th scales. Models of stations, workshops, locomotive sheds, companies, factories and other industries.

Jura Modélisme offers you a wide choice of models and accessories from the FALLER brand. This German company, designs and manufactures plastic injection models in HO, N and Z scales.

Discover FALLER brand products for model trains and model railway networks.

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