Zimo MX10EC Digital Station "Economy" - 300 Watt - DCC - 10/24 V

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Fabricant : ZIMO

Digital station version "Economy" under the reference MX10EC from the manufacturer Zimo.

This station is ideal for managing the digital materials present on your miniature network.

The "Rail 2" output is not present on the Economy version. The number of ABA inputs/outputs and the performance of auxiliary voltages (CAN,XNet) are also reduced, to reduce power consumption.

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Produits du fabricant ZIMO pour le modélisme ferroviaire. ZIMO est spécialisé dans la conception de décodeurs et accessoires digitaux / électroniques. Leur produits conviennent pour toutes les échelles du modélisme (HO 1/87 ; N 1/160 ; Z 1/220..) ainsi que le train de jardin (G 1/22.5).

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4 ème Trimestre 2022

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The ZIMO brand offers a Digital Central Unit "Economy" under the reference MX10EC compatible for all scales of model railroading, including garden networks (G 1/22.5 scale).

This module allows you to control one or more digital equipment installed on your railroad network. The ZIMO device supports applications with high current voltages that can cause damage (N gauge, etc..).

In addition, this control unit has a very sophisticated software, thus offering a powerful technology for use in RailCom (for example).

The characteristics of this ZIMO digital station under reference MX10EC:

- This pack contains: the digital station, a flash player, a set of connectors, a CAN cable, 8POLA1M, an instruction manual (MX10 and MX33). Please note, power supply is not included.

- The station has 2 Zimo CAN-bus ports, 1 XNet-Bus port, 1 LAN input, 1 flash drive, 1 USB (PC) port, 1 rotary power controller, Loconet SUSI, 14 digital I/Os, AOS inputs and an emergency stop button.

- Also includes 2 individual outputs with adjustable voltage between 10 - 24 Volts, 0 - 12 A or 8 A.

- The "Rail 1" output of the MX10EC station benefits from a voltage of 12 A , corresponding to a power of 290 Watts (for a voltage of 24V), with a load of 16 A or 380 W (for a voltage of 24V).

- 2.4 Ghz digital module in miWi, with a 5 dBi directional antenna.

- "Track-1" can be used as a programming track.

The operation of the ZIMO digital control unit:

- Rotary button: Allowing you to set the current, power, associated values, throttle (vary the speed of the affected machines), shutdown of all connected machines, standby..

- Multicolor screen: In "normal" mode, the module can display track output voltages and currents, AOS inputs, communication, etc..

- Button 1: Enable and set "automatic actions", start decoder updates, etc.

- Button 2: Access MX10 menu, start decoder sound loading, etc.

- USB socket: To insert a USB flash drive and perform updates, data backup and sound download.

- "SUSI"Interface: For faster sound loading (takes about 1 minute instead of the usual 10).

- XNET socket: For input devices such as Roco Lokmaus, Massoth Dimax Navigator and other XNET devices.

Introduction of the manufacturer ZIMO:

ZIMO Elektronik is an Austrian company based in Vienna, was founded in 1979. This manufacturer is specialized in the design of digital decoders and accessories for model making, ZIMO is now the European leader in this market.

Find a multitude of digital products (digital station, decoder..), electronic accessories (power supply, radio controller, antennas..) usable for DC (2 rails) or AC (3 rails) railway networks, and this on any scale (Ho 1/87; N 1/160; Z 1/220; G 1/22.5..).

Scale HO : 1/87, 2 or G : 1/22.5, 0 : 1/43, HOe : 1/87, HOf : 1/87, HOm : 1/87, I : 1/32, N : 1/160, Oe : 1/43, OO : 1/76, TT : 1/120, Z : 1/220
Operating system 2 Rails - Direct Current, 3 Rails - Alternating current
Technology Digital, Digital-sound