Multicar flatbed truck- BUSCH 42221 - HO 1/87

Brand : BUSCH   |   Référence : BU42221
HO : 1/87
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This model from the BUSCH brand is a réproduction of a Multicar flatbed truck (référence 42221).
Scale: HO - 1/87th


This miniature vehicle from Busch is a reproduction à the HO scale of a Multicar flatbed truck.


Historical background
This flatbed truck originated in the former East Germany. It is ideal for customising the diorama of a railway network with a link to Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. This model replicates various details of the original with finesse:

  • the wide windscreen
  • the crane
  • the transport tray

Focus on Multicar trucks
Multicar is an East German automotive brand. Created in 1920, it was originally called ADE Works and manufactured agricultural equipment and trailers. In the 1950s, the company began producing multi-purpose industrial vans. It first launched the Foumi diesel model, followed by the Multicar model. It produced 14,000 units at its Waltershausen plant in 1964, then 42,500 the following year. The company was privatised in 1991, following the fall of the Berlin Wall. This small truck still exists today under the name Fumo.

The company was privatised in 1991.

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Technical sheet

Already painted
HO : 1/87

Manufacturer : BUSCH

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