Grass sheet/carpet 120 x 180 mm Prairie red NOCH 07257 - HO 1/87 - Detailed

Brand : NOCH   |   Référence : NO07257
HO : 1/87
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thin carpet/leaf type "Prairie rouge", under reference 07257 from manufacturer NOCH.

Scale: HO 1/87th.

Dimensions: 120 x 180 mm.

Colours: greenred stripes.


Under reference NOCH 07257, here is a tapestry, type fine leaf, rendered "Red meadow", to scale HO 1/87th and of green colour with red flowers of dimensions 120x 180 mm.

Creating realistic floors in natural colours in no time at all That's no problem thanks to the new ground-covering foliage. Even a meadow of white flowers looks super realistic with foliage!

What's special about ground-covering foliage Various flocked grasses and materials are electrostatically flocked onto a non-stick backing film. Thanks to the special permanently flexible adhesive, the film can be effortlessly removed from the backing film. The groundcover foliage is then incorporated into the model landscape as a whole or in parts. For gluing, we recommend landscape adhesive.

The ground of your model landscape has a particularly natural look thanks to the different lengths and colours of the flocked materials used.

Manufacturer NOCH:

The Noch brand offers a wide choice of highly detailed figures in scales: Ho: 1/87 and N: 1/160.

Noch manufactures all types of figures that are bound to match the theme of your miniature network (in town, in the country, on holiday, working, etc...). Their models are designed from plastic materials and are hand-painted.

These characters can be used to liven up your network and add a touch of originality.

These products are generally sold in packs so that you can benefit from several characters addressing a specific theme.

Find the entire Noch character range on our online shop.

Technical sheet

HO : 1/87
Length (mm)
Width or depth (in mm)

Manufacturer : NOCH

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Jura Modélisme offers you products of the brand NOCH. Find NOCH models, characters and flocking accessories. Grass mats, fibres, flockings, tunnel entrances, retaining walls, trees, vegetation NOCH. Products in HO, N, O, N and TT scales.

Discover NOCH brand products for model trains and model railway networks.

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