Foam tape - Woodland Scenics ST1475 - N 1/160 - 7.31 metres

Brand : WOODLAND SCENICS   |   Référence : WOST1475
N : 1/160
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Foam tape for N 1/160th track under reference ST1475 from manufacturer Woodland Scenics.

Compatible track:N 1/160th.

Length: 7310 mm.

Width: 31.7 mm.

Height: 3 mm.


The Woodland Scenics brand offers the Foam Strip for N Track 1/160th, in scale N, under part number ST1475.

Additional features of the Foam Strip under part number ST785-1476,

This item helps to soundproof the contact between rail models and rails during their runs.

Discreet product that will be able to be implanted within any railway under the ladder N 1/160.

Use of Woodland Scenics foam strip,

This foam is easily installed using vinyl glue. It can be cut to the desired length with a cutter or chisel. For curved use, the foam is pre-cut in the middle.

For better soundproofing, we recommend using a flexible glue (Cléocolle binding glue or Foam Toack glue from Woodland Scenics).

Technical sheet

N : 1/160
Length (mm)
Width or depth (in mm)
Height (mm)


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