Set of 12 LGB 10250 brake shoes - G : 1/22.5 - Wheel locks

Brand : LGB   |   Référence : LG10250
2 or G : 1/22.5
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Pack of 12 Clutch ShoesLGB in G 1/22.5th scale under reference 10250 for model railroading.

These brake shoes are used to keep railway vehicles blocked on ramps or sidings.

Contains 12 pieces.


The LGB brand offers a Set of 12 brake shoes at G scale: 1/22.5th under the reference 10250.

The clutch shoes are used to prevent any untimely movement of the railway carriages near the ramps or sidings.

The G: 1/22.5th scale track designed by the LGB brand offers a wide range of straight rails, curved tracks, switches, crossings and crossovers to offer a maximum of possibilities for making up a model train layout. The special feature of this manufacturer lies in the fact that these tracks can be used to build a railway layout both indoors and outdoors.

Introduction to the manufacturer LGB:

The LGB model railway brand specialises in the design of rolling stock such as Locomotives, Passenger coaches, Wagons in large scales (G: 1/22.5) manufactured in limited quantities. These models from different eras are characterised by their robust design quality and detailing to get as close to reality as possible.

The LGB brand also offers digital models with sound decoders adapted according to the model, of very good and realistic quality.

Technical sheet

2 or G : 1/22.5

Manufacturer : LGB

Products from the LGB brand for model railroading and diorama creation. Train, locomotive, carriage, passenger car, rail and points in G scale 1/22.5 th the brand LGB.

Jura Modélisme offers locomotives, carriages and wagons from the brand LGB. LGB is a company specialising in the production of 1 : 22.5 scale trains, commonly called G scale ( G as in Garden understand Garden Train). Jura Modélisme also markets rails, tracks, scenery accessories and LGB characters.

Discover LGB brand products for model trains and model railway networks.

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