Set of 2 10T red primeurs wagons REE MODELES WB761 - SNCF HO 1/87 - EP II

Brand : REE MODÈLES   |   Référence : REWB761
III HO : 1/87 2R
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2 Wagons Couverts 10 T sous la référence WB761 du fabricant REE Modèles.

Numbre d'immatriculation: Fa33615 & Fa33748.

Rail company: SNCF France.

Era: III A.

Delivery: Rouge sideros.

Scale: HO 1/87th.


Under reference REE Models WB761, here is a set of 2 SNCF 10 T Covered wagons Sideros red livery, spoked wheels, to scale HO 1/87th registration Fa33615 & Fa33748, which has the following characteristics:

- Vertical Wood friezes.

- "2 rail" direct current model.

- Short kinematic coupling in accordance with NEM 362.

- Loop couplers supplied in a separate detail bag.

- Wagon running for the SNCF railway company during the III A era.

A little touch of history:

The boxcar is a type of railway machine with the purpose of transporting water-sensitive goods or fragile cargo. These wagons consist of a body generally made of wood, covered by waterproof materials to ensure the protection of the goods.

For loading and unloading, these models are equipped with two wide side doors. We call this type of wagon a "BoxCar" in North America.

Technical sheet

HO : 1/87
III - From 1946 to 1970
Operating system
2 Rails - Direct current

Manufacturer : REE MODÈLES

Product of the Rail Europe Express ( REE ) brand for model railroading. Train, locomotive, carriage and passenger car in 1 : 87 th scale from the REE MODÈLES brand.

Jura Modélisme offers you a wide choice of REE MODÈLES locomotives, passenger cars and carriages. The REE MODÈLES brand offers superb models, mostly from French companies: PO, PLM, SNCF.

Discover the REE MODÈLES brand products for model trains and model railway networks.

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