Faller Gray Ceramic Bathroom Set 180993 - HO: 1/87 - EP IV

Manufacturer : FALLER   |   Référence : FA180993
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Gray ceramic bathroom set under part number 180993 from manufacturer Faller.

Th: Characters at Home.


The Faller brand offers the Gray Ceramic Bathroom Set model to assemble in HO: 1/87 scale under part number 180993.

Renovate your residents' bathrooms, with this modern decorating kit!

Faller Manufacturer

Faller is a German brand specializing in designing products from modeling, under the scales HO: 1/87, N: 1/160, Z: 1/220, G: 1/22.5.

You will be able to discover models (buildings, rides, stations, platforms, industrial warehouses and other products that can complement your model railroading network). As well as diorama (trees, characters, Car System, vegetation, flockings and much more) addressing several themesunder several eras such as: urban, rural, seaside, funfair, mountain, industrial, railroad environments...and more!

Faller offers for all of their products a very complete assembly manual, which will accompany you to assemble your models and dioramas more easily and quickly.

All of their models are to be assembled using many parts for maximum detail. All of the models correspond to existing or previously existing buildings.

Their products are generally made from plastic injection materials to be assembled with Faller Expert plastic glue reference 170492. And in "Laser Cut" (cardboard) to be assembled with Expert Lasercut glue reference 170494.

Fiche technique

To assemble
Color and finish
HO : 1/87
IV - From 1971 to 1991

Fabriquant : FALLER

Maquettes FALLER aux échelles HO 1/87 ème , N 1/160 ème et Z 1/220 ème. Maquettes de gares, ateliers, remises à locomotives, entreprises, usines et autres industries.

Jura Modélisme vous propose un large choix de maquettes et d'accessoires de la marque FALLER. Cette entreprise Allemande, conçoit et fabrique des maquettes en injection plastique aux échelles HO, N et Z.

Découvrez les produits de la marque FALLER pour les trains miniatures et réseaux de modélisme ferroviaire.

Voir les produits du fabriquant FALLER

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