Yellow Renault R4 "Michelin" van - SAI 2438 BREKINA 14732 - HO : 1/87

Brand : BREKINA   |   Référence : BR14732
III HO : 1/87
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A vanunder reference 14732 from the manufacturer Brekinaor 2438 from SAI.

Make: Renault.

Model : R4.

Delivered : Yellow with inscription"MICHELIN".

Scale: HO 1/87.

Year in service: 1961.


Under the reference 14732 from the manufacturer Brekina or 2438 from SAI, here is the vehicle Renault R4 "Michelin" at the scale HO: 1/87.


Let your residents enjoy this atypical van from the famous French brand Renault, to drive in it on your country, mountain or urban roads!

Manufacturer Brekina:

The Brekina brand specialises in the design of transport vehicles, such as semi-trailers, cars, vans in HO: 1/87th or even N: 1/160th scales.

Their road products, offer excellentvalue for money. They are generally designed from plastic materials.

Technical sheet

HO : 1/87
III - From 1946 to 1970

Manufacturer : BREKINA

Products from the BREKINA brand for model railroading and diorama creation. Cars, trucks, semi-trailers and other vehicles in scales 1 : 87 th, 1 : 160 th from the BREKINA brand. HO and N scale vehicles.

Jura Modélisme offers a wide range of vehicles from the BREKINA brand. BREKINA is a company specialising in the production of semi-trailer trucks, cars, vans in HO and N scales. These vehicles offer excellent value for money.

Discover BREKINA brand products for model trains and model railway networks.

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