POLA G water tower 331744 - 400x400x850mm - G : 1/22.5 - EP II

Brand : POLA   |   Référence : PO331744
II 2 or G : 1/22.5
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An octagonal clinker water tower with many windows, under reference 331744 from manufacturer Pola G.

length 400 mm
width 400 mm
height 850 mm

Scale:G 1/22.5th.


The POLA G brandoffers the buildable model of an octagonal water tower, at G: 1/22.5 scale under reference 331744.

Give life to your network by offering this pretty water tower to your residents, with lots of windows and a tower house surrounded by a gallery!

Manufacturer POLA G:

POLA G belongs to the German group, Faller specialising in the design of products from modelling, in scales HO: 1/87, N: 1/160, Z: 1/220, G: 1/22.5.

This brand offers various models inM (G) scale: 1/22.5.

You can discover models (buildings, merry-go-rounds, stations, platforms, industrial warehouses and other products that can add to your model railway network). As well as diorama (trees, characters, Car System, vegetation, flockings and much more) tackling several themesunder several eras such as: urban, rural, seaside, funfair, mountain, industrial, railway...and more environments!


Like Faller, POLA G offers a comprehensive assembly manual for all of its products, to help you assemble your models and dioramas more easily and quickly.

All their models are to be assembled using many parts for maximum detail. All the models correspond to existing buildings or buildings that once existed.

Their products are generally made from synthetic materials to be assembled with POLA G special cement glue reference 330593.

Technical sheet

To assemble
2 or G : 1/22.5
II - From 1926 to 1945
Length (mm)
Width or depth (in mm)
Height (mm)

Manufacturer : POLA

Products from the POLA G brand for model railroading and diorama creation. Train, locomotive, carriage, passenger car, rail and points in G scale 1/22.5 th the brand POLA G.

Jura Modélisme offers locomotives, carriages and wagons from the brand POLA G. POLA G is a company specialising in the production of 1 : 22.5 scale trains, commonly known as G scale ( G as in Garden understand Garden Train). Jura Modélisme also markets POLA G rails, tracks, scenery accessories and characters.

Discover POLA G brand products for model trains and model railway networks.

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